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Why Buy Electric in Naples?

Benefits of Electric Cars

As you watch the popularity of EVs continue to rise, you are wondering - why buy electric in Naples, Florida? Electric vehicles only continue to get better as technology increases. If you are someone that has suffered from range anxiety, we have some good news for you. Schedule a test drive at Naples Mazda today.

How EVs Benefit You

Why buy electric? For starters, you can do a lot for the environment by cutting out the need for a gas car or diesel car. Gas-powered cars continue to use up our precious resources and help contribute to dangerous emissions. Instead of visiting your local gas station, you can spend a little time at one of the public charging stations to add more driving range. Plus, there are fewer maintenance costs with an electric vehicle (EV). You can save money not only on gas, but also visits to the service center.

When EVs use renewable energy sources and sustainable materials, you know you are doing your part for our world. Plus, you can take advantage of some tax credits that put even more money in your pocket. With the available selection, it’s simple to get the type of car you are looking for, whether you need a reliable SUV or powerful electric pickup.

Why Consider the MX-30

After looking at the benefits of electric cars, you owe it to yourself to check out the 2022 Mazda MX-30 EV. This electric vehicle is cheaper than the Tesla models, allowing you to save more money. However, you are never lacking any power that you need. The MX-30 comes with a 143-horsepower electric motor that pushes the front wheels. There will also be a hybrid powertrain coming down the pipeline that can be plugged in.

The new MX-30 EV comes complete with a 30-kW battery pack. With this power source, you can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. It also comes standard with a power sunroof for superior visibility and heated front seats for those cooler mornings. The base MX-30 even includes a 7” digital gauge display, along with an auto-dimming rearview mirror, which isn’t always offered with other electric vehicles. It also comes standard with a long list of safety equipment, such as pedestrian detection to avoid hurting an innocent bystander and adaptive cruise control for maintaining appropriate speeds on the highway.

Let Us Create Your Deal

When you visit Naples Mazda, you know you are going to get the best deal possible on your EV. We can review the benefits of electric cars with you and show you what makes the MX-30 special. Our team of professionals has put together the greatest Mazda specials for your needs. We would love to get you behind the wheel, so you can see what this EV has to offer. Schedule a test drive today in Naples, Florida.