Tire Size Chart

How to Read Tire Sizes

Are the numbers for your car tires a mystery to you without a tire size chart? Changing your vehicles tires is something that is not done often enough to have a fluent knowledge of your tires criteria. Your friends at Naples Mazda understand the concerns that come with shopping for tires periodically. Taking a look at the tire size chart might help clear up a few concepts.

What is TPC?

Most often you will be able to see a series of letters and numbers strung together on the wall of your tires. If you take a quick look at the tire size chart you should see an example of your tires TPC code (Tire Performance Criteria code). It will be followed by a strand of numbers that will inform you of the auto manufacturer’s criteria for your vehicle. This can also be determined by informing us of your vehicles year, make and model if the numbers are faded or unknown.

What’s Next

After locating the TPC code you might notice there is a whole different combination of letters and numbers left to decode. The first letter will indicate the type of tire required based on the vehicle you’re driving. The numbers immediately following are indicators of the tires sizes from every angle including the width and diameter. Again, this will fluctuate depending on what you want to get out of your driving experience as well as considering your vehicles criteria. The codes you see on the tire size guide chart will adjust based on your driving habits, vehicles make and model and other performance preferences.

Each stat that is reviewed on the tire guide chart can help determine what will best suit your driving habits. Further questions can be answered by speaking with technicians as they can help determine the best code for your needs. If you are shopping for tires in Naples, FL stop by our Mazda store today!

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