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Naples Mazda not only has new and used Mazda vehicles available for sale, but our service department handles routine maintenance and service requests for current owners. Staying current with recommended service could maximize performance and support safer driving.

The Owner's Manual

A review of any Mazda's owner's manual tells drivers what service the vehicle might require at specified times. The owner's manual often suggests several services per year or mileage points, such as one year or 12,000 miles. The owner could have several recommended services and inspections performed, as noted in the owner's manual. Be aware that excessive driving or driving in tough road environments may necessitate bringing the vehicle to a Naples service visit earlier.

Standard Maintenance

Naples owners should know the standard service and maintenance their vehicle will eventually need. Some service jobs require little time or effort on the technician's part, while others could be more involved. Either way, getting the work completed might be advisable.

Oil and Filter Changes

An oil and filter change reflects one of the most basic and vital services a Mazda requires. Old motor oil won't help a car or SUV's engine since the broken-down fluid might not reduce friction sufficiently. Fuel economy may improve when adding new motor oil.

Is the oil change long overdue? If so, requesting an engine cleaning may be necessary. The cleaning may remove an excessive amount of sludge.

Tire and Wheel Inspections

Tires lose air pressure regularly, so keeping tabs on the levels seems wise. Air pressure might suffer from punctures or other problems with the tires, so requesting an inspection could help uncover problems. A Naples technician may examine the treads and sidewalls for issues. If the tires are in poor shape, replacing them may commence.

If a Mazda's wheel gets knocked out of alignment, the tires may prematurely degrade. Performance and handling could suffer, too. Having the wheel angles checked might result in a suggestion to realign them, correcting the trouble.

Belts and Hoses

Drive belts and hoses don't last forever, nor do brake or radiator hoses. Brake lines might suffer from corrosion, creating a dangerous situation. So, having belts, lines, and hoses checked and replaced as needed should be part of routine Naples maintenance.

Brake Service

A crash could be unavoidable if a vehicle's brakes fail. Often, a car will provide indications that brakes are suffering from problems, such as squealing noises when pressing down on the pedal. Having the brake system thoroughly and routinely checked could address problems at the earliest point in time.

Fluid Changes

A Mazda relies on transmission and differential fluid to lubricate parts, but these fluids weaken over time. Replacing the fluids before they become too old should be a priority.

Old coolant fluid might result in an overheated engine and subsequent engine problems. Checking coolant levels may uncover a leak. Consider it advisable to check the windshield wiper and power steering fluids, too.

Battery Service

Replacing a battery before its expiration could help a Naples Mazda owner avoid the inconvenience of a car that won't start. Requesting routine battery tests may uncover dying cells and other issues that might necessitate replacing it faster.

Corrosion could become a problem, and a thorough cleaning might eliminate it. Cleaning includes removing corrosion from the terminals and the trays.

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