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It's finally here! An all new way to buy a new or used car. It's Live Market Pricing*, available now at Naples Mazda.  Simply put, Live Market Pricing is GUARANTEED to save you money on your next purchase! Call us today at 888-845-7470 to find out how Live Market Pricing can work for you.

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What is Live Market Pricing?

Live Market Pricing* means Naples Mazda monitors hundreds of competitor's websites on an hourly basis to offer you the most aggressive prices in this market area; including both New & Used car pricing.  Our Live Market Price truly is the low market price on new Mazda. Are Pre-Owned and Certified vehicles included? ABSOLUTELY! No matter the make, no matter the model, no matter what, every vehicle on our lot has been marked with the lowest prices possible based on current market data. To learn more about Live Market Pricing, call us at 888-845-7470 today!


Benefits of Live Market Pricing?

It's simple, you'll save both time and money! Naples Mazda knows how busy you are and that's another reason we developed Live Market Pricing*. You don't have to shop dealer after dealer wasting your valuable time wondering if you're getting a fair price because you can rest assured that our Live Market Price is the low market price! Bottom line, you'll get the best deal possible with Live Market Pricing, available now at Naples Mazda.

*Live Market Prices based on a combination of a dealer software program and assigned dealership personnel that regularly monitor daily automotive and competitor new and used vehicle Internet market prices in a 100 mile radius based on market condition, prices and then adjusted to a competitive low market price.
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