Most Fuel Efficient Cars

What Are the Most Fuel Efficient Cars?

Many perspective buyers are asking this question in today's auto market. Thankfully, the people at Mazda are sharing the answer as they make way with groundbreaking evolutions for efficient, ecofriendly and tech savvy vehicles. Now it is a question of whether Mazda manages to produce these cars with the best gas mileage above all other competitors.

It might come as a surprise that Mazda does not build hybrid vehicles but rather they have more clever avenues to obtain fuel efficiency. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Mazda as the most fuel efficient automaker in the US. Among their collection of cars they perfect in the industry they are averaging a 28.8 mpg rating according to the stats. Mazda does not offer larger vehicles like a lot of other manufacturers might. However, they do provide more compact vehicles in different classes like trucks, SUV's and vans that still provide for any growing needs. Even so, Mazda is making strides by remaining more conservative in their model vehicles as opposed to those who push those pricey hybrid vehicles alongside those gas guzzlers.

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Mazda - A Leader in Reduced Emissions

It's not all about the best gas mileage cars though. The EPA also takes into consideration those vehicles that emit the lowest carbon dioxide levels. Mazda, again, takes top honors in this ecofriendly concept. Somehow managing to be the most fuel efficient wasn't enough pride for their drivers. They needed to also be the most ecofriendly vehicle on the road too. That statistic may say even more about Mazda's efforts to protect our world when we think of alternative hybrid automakers not being able to edge them out. Mazda is taking the lead on green initiative in the auto industry.

SKYACTIV® Technology

Wait It gets better! SKYACTIV® Technology is something Mazda introduced to their line of vehicles in 2011. This technology has a way of increasing fuel efficiency while also increasing engine output. SKYACTIV® features a gas engine that has been redesigned to consume fuel more efficiently as it captures and uses any lost energy. It also contributes to those lower emissions of carbon dioxide by tweaking the transmission slightly and utilizing torque at a lower or middle range. There is also a diesel version that incorporates a new twin turbo setup with for maximum efficiency. Top this off with attention to detail in the body and chassis and Mazda will show you just how much energy they can recover with their new SKYACTIV® Technology.

Determining what the most fuel efficient cars can be deceiving with all of the new advancements in the auto industry. Don't be fooled by alternative models and be sure you've done your research to see that Mazda provides cars with the best gas mileage and ecofriendly technology.


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