End of Lease Options

End of Lease Options

End of Lease Options in Naples

What Happens After Your Car Lease Ends?

When your car lease contract is ending, you have options to consider. You don’t have to turn the car back in without giving thought to what comes next in Naples, Florida. At Naples Mazda, we have a ton of choices available to you, plus we are a short drive from Cape Coral and Fort Myers. Schedule a visit with our premier team to discuss your end of lease options.

Turning the Car In

The most obvious end of lease option is to bring your vehicle back to us at the end of the lease agreement. As long as you haven’t exceeded the mileage limits and there’s no excessive wear and tear, you won’t have any extra to pay at the end. This option is a good idea if you want to work with the leasing company again to get into a newer model.

However, you don’t have to lease a new vehicle to take advantage of this option. You can also choose to return the car and buy something new or pre-owned. If you’ve decided that another lease isn’t the right option for you, we can review the monthly payments for another model.

Keeping the Car

There are numerous reasons that you might choose to provide written notice to get the buyout price on the car. The most obvious is that you want the option to buy so you can keep the vehicle. If you have fallen in love with your vehicle, it is simple to figure out what’s needed to purchase the vehicle outright. We use the Kelley Blue Book value to determine what the car is worth. From there, our team will determine what you need to pay for the lease buyout. We can finance this to make it more affordable.

If you want to sell the car at the end of the lease, you have that option as well. First, you need to look at buying your leased car. Then, you can sell it privately or to another dealership if you prefer. This is one of the least popular end of lease options because it creates a lot more work than necessary. It normally makes more sense to turn the vehicle into us so you can lease or buy your next car. Not only will our team help you understand the new security deposit, but we have ways to get you the lowest rates possible.

Which Option is Best for You?

Our team would love to discuss the end of lease options that best suit your lifestyle. We can help you look at possible car insurance rates, payment plans and models that fit your needs. We would love to show you our new or pre-owned car inventory to help you figure out what comes next. Visit Naples Mazda in Florida today and see what makes us different from other dealerships.